Toddler Room 2 - Jolly Jumpers

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2 Years to 3 years

The Jolly Jumper room continues the same routine while activities get a little more involved.  Vocabulary is stressed now for more than one word, although single words are still introduced. Stringing words together for phrases and simple sentences are what we work on now.  The use of descriptive words occurs throughout the day, i.e. the BIG truck, the BIG BLUE truck, etc.  Also, a regular cup is used at lunch time. No more sippy cups.

Lil’ Sneakers provides all of your child’s meals, milk, snacks & juice.  Play may be outside (weather permitting) and is on their own dedicated play areas.  Climbers, sit-n-spins, grassy areas, and balls are in one play area.  The other area is a black top surface for riding toys. The toddlers visit both play grounds during the day. Daily sheets are sent home each day so that parents know what happened during the day.

The children experience circle time and art, play in the various centers in the room, and go outdoors to play.  Taking turns, sharing, and cleaning up are still emphasized throughout the day.
We also potty train in this room.  The parent and the teacher make the decision to start and it then becomes part of the day. There is a bathroom right in the room making it easier to incorporate this as a regular part of the day. Potty training children are rewarded for their attempts at going to the potty. We strive to make it a positive experience for them.