Toddler Room 1 - Wacky Walkers

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18 Months to 2 Years

The focus of the Wacky Walkers room is to introduce a routine to your toddler’s day.  Although activities vary throughout the day to keep your child’s interest up, morning snack, lunch, and naptime are always the same time every day.  Your child’s day begins with a healthy breakfast, followed by an educational circle time.  We introduce your toddler to their colors, shapes, numbers and letters using simple vocabulary throughout the day.  Circle time is followed by a morning snack. Art projects are a part of each day, also, although the focus is on the process not the end result.  After the art experience, it’s off to play outside before lunch. Providing different experiences is a big part of the toddler room. Puzzles, building blocks, trucks, cars, dolls, dress-up, home living, imagination….all these areas are experienced each day. Sharing, taking turns, and cleaning up when they are done are a big part of each day.

Lil’ Sneakers provides all of your child’s meals, milk, snacks & juice.  Play may be outside (weather permitting) and is on their own dedicated play areas.  Climbers, sit-n-spins, grassy areas, and balls are in one play area.  The other area is a black top surface for riding toys. The toddlers visit both play grounds during the day. Daily sheets are sent home each day so that parents know what happened during the day.

At meal times, we help your child master their fork & spoon skills. They will learn to sit in a chair at the big kid table.  Sippy cups are still used in this room. After lunch is the only naptime of the day, followed by a snack, and then the toddlers go outside to play again.  Descriptive words are used throughout the day to help increase your toddler’s vocabulary.