I have two children that attend Lil' Sneakers University and love it! We do too. The staff is amazing and love my children as their own. The kids have so much fun together and are so advanced. As a parent I look forward to the holiday projects the kids bring home. I cry tears of joy every time. The directors always plan great trips and activities in the summer like the museums and the weekly ice cream truck. They also have great programs for the families to attend like the Thanksgiving feast. If you would have asked me 4 years ago what I thought of daycare centers, it would be the complete opposite of my statement today. I was totally against them. The first day I brought my daughter that all changed. The head infant room teacher gave me a big hug and told me my tears were normal. She offered for me to check in whenever I wanted. She didn't know me and made me feel completely at ease. Today my daughter attends the preschool program along with the daycare. She loves every second and she is in one place with her baby brother. She knows more than her cousin that is two years older than her and attends a private school in Canada. This is not just a daycare/learning center... this is a family!

Renee H.

Lil’ Sneakers University is the best daycare I could choose for my children to learn, develop and play! I have no worries dropping them off at daycare because, I know that they will be very well taken care of and loved by every member of the staff. They really do treat my kids as if they were their own!

Tracy Z.

My son has been attending this daycare for over 2 years now. Excellent staff. They really treat my son like family.

Jessica H.