We have been a part of LSU for a little over a year now. Every time I walk out the door leaving my son in the hands of the caretakers I thank God that I have found such a comfortable, warm, and caring place. They have assisted with so many steps in his life, most helpful being potty training! Our new motto is, "It takes a tribe!" This kind of "tribe" is where you want your child to be!!!

Even more exciting and convenient is the LSU Preschool program! This has been so beneficial to have the preschool housed right in the daycare! The enthusiasm and love projected by the teachers is contagious! The kids run to be in the room, without even saying goodbye! Alphabet, books, colors, hand coordination, crafts and FUN!

Lisa R.

Both of my boys attend/attended Pre-K at lil sneakers, and I could not recommend a better program! The teachers and all the staff I've encountered are by far the best around. It's amazing to see how far they progress throughout the program. I waited too long this summer before I enrolled my son in a Pre-K program and almost did not get a spot and I was devastated. Luckily they were able to accommodate!! Best School ever!!

Cassie Z.

This daycare is awesome. They have been so great to my son and I have been taking him there since he was 7 months old. I was so nervous to take him to daycare, but I never worry when dropping him off. He loves it and the staff is so nice and caring!

Ashley L.

We love Mrs. Reppert and Mrs. Mino! They go above and beyond with everything they do! It’s amazing how she changes her whole room every month and how much art they send home! I don’t know how they do it all!


We struggled to find the perfect preschool for our son until we stumbled upon lil sneakers. This is the best preschool out there. The teachers are so passionate about teaching and are so sweet to the children. I could not have asked for a better preschool for my child.

Lacey A.

I could not ask for a better toddler teacher for my son! He absolutely loves Ms. Amy and she a wonderful person who loves all of her kids and takes care of all parents. Having a toddler can be stressful and I thank god we have her to help us out when we need it or even just to talk to when we stress ourselves out!

Dulcinea B.