Infant Room

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6 Weeks to 18 Months

Our infant room is an “on demand” room where your childs' needs are met as soon as they arise.  Our infant room is ages 6 weeks to 18 months.  There is no set schedule to the day.  12 babies with 2 caregivers is the maximum number we will accept. Prior to starting in the infant room, the parent fills out a monthly sheet which tells us how often the baby eats and/or has a bottle, what the baby is eating or drinking and how much the baby eats or drinks.  We also have you complete a daily information sheet, giving us important information we need to care for your child that day.  We will also complete this sheet so you can see everything your child has done throughout the day; eating, drinking, nap times, diaper changes, and their activities.

Lil’ Sneakers provides Members Mark Advantage, a milk-based infant formula with iron that compares with the nutrition of Enfamil Premium infant formula and Similac Advance. We also supply all food, milk, and juice. Parents can also bring in their own if the child requires a certain kind of formula or food.

Diapers are changed every 2 hours unless a bowel movement is noticed and then the baby is changed immediately. Parents provide all diapers and wipes.  You can pack the baby’s bag for the day or bring in a bunch of diapers and wipes and we’ll let you know when we are running low. Lil’ Sneakers does not share cribs.  Once you enroll, your child is assigned a crib and no one else will use it.  We provide crib sheets. Our cribs are cleaned and sanitized every week. Our infant room has two separate play areas; one for walkers and one for non-walkers. We also take the babies outside (weather permitting) on a blanket with toys. Unless otherwise specified by the parent.

Our Infant Teachers

will expose your child to a variety of arts.  Music is played throughout the day, the babies are sung to, danced with; our teachers get down on the floor to play face to face with your child.  We do crafts with the babies, painting their hands and feet. 

Our teachers are trained to provide your child with developmentally appropriate care.  Infants who are not strong enough to hold their heads up are given plenty of tummy time to develop those muscles. We will help your child reach all of their development milestones; rolling over, crawling all the way up to walking & talking. Our teachers utilize many different learning styles, from using descriptive words when speaking to enhance your child vocabulary to teaching them basic sign language to help them express their needs.