About Us

A Leader in Child Care

At Lil’ Sneakers University we believe in a hands on approach to learning. Children learn by experience and by doing instead of just watching and listening. Also, the process is emphasized more than the product. It’s the how not the what. Creativity is the key to success. The experience is important, not just the end result.

Lil’ Sneakers University was established to provide an early learning experience for children 6 weeks to 13 years of age. We are here to treat your child with love and respect in a clean, safe environment.

Ohio Healthy Program Center

In an effort to offer your child healthier eating habits, Lil’ Sneakers has joined the Ohio Healthy Programs. You will notice menu changes with new healthier food options on them.  We will also be making some changes to our policies.  These changes will be made slowly and one at a time. Every month our newsletter will feature a healthy recipe, one that we will be serving here to the children. 

Our approach to education

Lil’ Sneakers wants to be the cornerstone in the foundation of your child’s life by providing a positive influence and teaching him/her the skills he/she will need throughout life’s journey. We achieve these goals by hiring caring and loving professionals.

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